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The Choleric

Choler is a humor that suits impetuous ones. This type is the sort who desires to excel above all. They learn easily and grow with much speed. Thus they are magnanimous and consume large sums of money. They are deceitful, irascible, extravagant and bold. They are clever, slender, dry, and the color of saffron.

The Phlegmatic

Phlegm hold a moderate force, full but brief. Phlegm makes fat and renders one moderately languid. They do not apply the body to study but to dreaming. They feel dull, move slowly and are prone to laziness and sleepiness.

The Melancholic

Here is a mixture of choler and black substance. This renders them small and always speaking of lofty things. They are vigilant in their study and do not abandon themselves to dreaming. They take care of their own profit and what is dear to them. Not practices in fraud, timid, and of a yellow color. Jealous and sad they wish to turn inward and hold tight.

The Sanguine

By nature they are fat and merry. Often they wish to hear new rumors. Thus they enjoy the company of Venus and Bacchus. They make good cheer speaking sweet words. They are capable and suited to study. Because of this they are not easily moved to anger. Generous, loving, peaceful, laughing, and blushing. Singing they are fairly bold and liberal.

The Sanguine