Shrine to Saint Cholerika

Cholerika, while being the first saint, is undoubtedly also the most enigmatic. Mankind’s hunger for knowledge has been inherited from them, as well as the ability to hone crafts. To know the world is to study it. Like layers of an onion, one never stops learning, not in a dozen of lifetimes. By following Cholerika, we should be devoted to accumulate insight and skills like one would collect trinkets or precious gems, and be sure to understand its worth. Cholerika doesn't differentiate between the validity of academic expertise and artisanal proficiency; and neither should we, lest we become condescending. It is important to experience joy and fulfilment through the work one does, and recognise it as a gift, as the default disposition of a person. Resisting work indicates that something is amiss; disorderly.

Choler is a humor that suits impetuous ones. This type is the sort who desires to excel above all. They learn easily and grow with much speed. Thus they are magnanimous and consume large sums of money. They are deceitful, irascible, extravagant and bold. They are clever, slender, dry, and the color of saffron.