Shrine to Saint Melancholia

Were we punished with having to endure our human emotions, or is it a blessed gift by the saints? Every person has their own stance on the matter; though Melancholia may be proof of the former. The martyr, a victim of circumstance, is a sufferer of great woes which are often incomprehensible by the other saints. Yet, she also serves as consolation to the human kin. She is pitied, lamented, understood by humans. Her spirit comes closest to humans, the bearers of the widest spectrum of sensations. Many find comfort in the fact that the saint experiences the same set of feelings that we earthly beings do; it allows them to embrace and fully experience them without guilt, but Melancholia also offers to take on the woes of others, as well as physical illness. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Here is a mixture of choler and black substance. This renders them small and always speaking of lofty things. They are vigilant in their study and do not abandon themselves to dreaming. They take care of their own profit and what is dear to them. Not practices in fraud, timid, and of a yellow color. Jealous and sad they wish to turn inward and hold tight.