Shrine to Saint Phlegma

The presence of Phlegma, the blind hermit saint, is felt in every nook and cranny of nature, in foliage, under rocks among the scattering bugs, in the soft ripple of a pond, the pitter-patter of rain. Phlegma is one of few words, she is not a preacher; she lets her actions speak. While she doesn’t control it in the literal sense, she encounters and endures what the environment lays on her. And, that is also the most important thing she can teach us: that nature isn't something to be overpowered, to be dominated and shaped to our will, but something to live amongst, to take from and give back to in equal parts. The concept of the blind and selectively mute saint also promotes personal introspection and conversation with oneself. But watch out, blindness can cause you to run in circles sometimes, so make sure to make use of your other senses as well.

Phlegm hold a moderate force, full but brief. Phlegm makes fat and renders one moderately languid. They do not apply the body to study but to dreaming. They feel dull, move slowly and are prone to laziness and sleepiness.