Shrine to Saint Sanguin

What joy there is to experience in the world, it is through Sanguin. Her domains are worldly delights, pleasures of the flesh; something many love to look down upon, but which is undoubtedly the most important asset of being human. Love, food, drink, music, artistic expression; they are all channeled through Sanguin. She is the first blossom in spring, a sweaty body, red juice dripping down arms while eating handfuls of berries, the pulsating aura of drunkenness and intoxication. She is a throbbing heart and the skipping of its beat. She is pink lips, hazy eyes, red cheeks. The push and pull. Should you indulge, mind that once her seed is planted within you, madness may creep up in your wantonness and claim you. This madness is also her.

By nature they are fat and merry. Often they wish to hear new rumors. Thus they enjoy the company of Venus and Bacchus. They make good cheer speaking sweet words. They are capable and suited to study. Because of this they are not easily moved to anger. Generous, loving, peaceful, laughing, and blushing. Singing they are fairly bold and liberal.