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saintly grimoire ::
Restoration of the tombstone of Lucille, including the inscriptions. ::
The Style of Victorian Era Children, plublished in the Museum. An evaluation and showcase of the garments and fashion of Victorian and Edwardian children. ::
Grim, Grimms, Grimoire: The Sentiments of Dolly Kei, originally published on Thought Fragments; replublished in the Museum. A short essay on the more-or-less deceased jfashion genre, known in English as Dolly Kei. ::
Summer Solstice Meditations, published June 21, 2022 on Thought Fragments. A glimpse into the future, done on the day of Summer Solstice 2022. ::
Medieval Beekeeper Costume, published May 2022 on the Sewing Journal. Description of my workflow completing my Medieval Beekeeper Costume, made to wear on medieval markets. ::
On being a Lover and a Collector (1), published April 20, 2022 on Thought Fragments. What I value, and why I value knowledge. ::
Meditations on A Game of Chess, published April 18, 2022 on Thought Fragments. A short love letter to the artistic value of chess. ::
Meditations on the Vampire Aesthetic, published April 14, 2022 on Thought Fragments. A short meditation on a favourite archetype of romantic, melodramatic vampire.